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By: spiritglassllc Friday 15th July 2016

Live Sales Timing 5 Threads

Hi there - quick? couple questions...   1) what's the typical delay between when a new item is added to a closet and it being promoted in live sale?   2) h

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By: iBuySell Backend Tuesday 7th June 2016

Hey! Hey! Hey! You awesome iBuySellers. A hearty Welcome !! 2 Threads

Hey, all beautiful iBuzzers! It's finally here we are live and ready for you. The world's most exciting marketplace to shop, ship and sell - Fast, fun

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By: beautyandcash1123 Tuesday 31st May 2016

Who's excited about the launch of this great site?! 5 Threads

Just another newbie here, I noticed there was nothing on the forum so I wanted to see if anyone else was lurking around anxiously awaiting the launch like me!!  

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CSV Upload
By: BCBeaded Sunday 31st July 2016

csv upload *img_url field 1 Threads

I am having an issue with the field *img_url  field on the csv upload.  My Pictures are on my computer not on a webssite, I do not have a url to copy and paster into this field. &n

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By: Gemstone Thursday 28th July 2016

Bulk Upload 2 Threads

I am having trouble uploading my items with bulk upload.  I have downloaded from another site not ebay or amazon and then just changed the names to what you have as headers and deleted all irr

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By: GLAMOURESQ.com Monday 4th July 2016

max_selling_price* selling_price* min_selling_price* 2 Threads

Can you please elaborate more on the below:

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By: aristagems.com Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Seller Info. link says no product found 5 Threads

Hello... after i clicked on SELLER INFO. a page loaded but says the seller has no products listed...i have 2 items listed, please help

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By: Audrey'sCloset Thursday 24th November 2016

i can't seem to upload photos 1 Threads

Every picture that I try to upload is declined or not allowed. Says it has to be a light background, but I have been looking around and there are a ton of pictures that are not "white" backgounds o

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By: BrewedSkintea Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Error Code 3 Threads

I keep getting error code "404 PAGE NOT FOUND" when I click the link POST AN ITEM.

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Mobile App
By: abhirup2 Wednesday 31st May 2017

Mobile App 1 Threads

Do I need to download App to get $5?

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Shipping Policy
By: R&SAccessories Thursday 30th June 2016

Shipping? 3 Threads

As a seller on TH I am used to choosing what to charge for shipping. From what I understand here I imput the weight and select the carrier I like to use but I do not add a price correct? Does the s

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